About Denver Carpet Brokers

About Denver Carpet Brokers

Denver Carpet Brokers is a team of dedicated, knowledgeable flooring professionals with a proven track record of meeting our customers’ flooring challenges head-on with high-quality, affordable flooring solutions that last for years.

What sets us apart from the competition is our consultative approach to determining what flooring material works best for a specific floor plan. We take into consideration multiple factors

beyond the obvious, asking questions like:

– Are there children in the home?

– How many pets do you have, and what kind?

– What areas of the house experience the highest levels of foot traffic?

– What do you like or dislike about your current flooring?

– Is stain resistance important to you?

Getting answers to questions like these help us to narrow down the choices of available flooring to the perfect fit that you can feel confident choosing. And, because we have relationships with multiple carpeting vendors, we’re able to obtain the highest quality flooring materials at the lowest possible price.

If it turns out that your home sees a lot of foot traffic from multiple pets or children, and stain resistance is important to you, then a Stainmaster carpet with 100% premium nylon 6.6 fiber construction would be an ideal choice.

However, your budget may allow for other choices that may be more in-line with what you can afford. Regardless of your unique situation, our trained
flooring professionals can help you arrive at the perfect flooring choice for your home and lifestyle.

At Denver Carpet Brokers, we are passionate about helping our customers realize their flooring visions without spending more than they absolutely have to. To get started on your flooring project, call us today at (303) 940-0777 and we’ll schedule your initial design consultation, absolutely free. We look forward to working with you!

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact Denver Carpet Brokers today!