Importance of Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Importance of Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Whether you have moved into a new house with carpets or you’re adding a carpet to a room, you know that carpets and home decor is an investment. In order to make the most out of your investment for years to come, you need to properly maintain your carpets with regular vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Why It’s Important to Vacuum and Steam Clean Your Carpet

Not All Stains Are Easy to Clean

You can’t catch every stain that falls on your carpets. If you spill or track dirt into the house, you may be able to clean most of the stain, but remains may sink deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Trying every trick in the book may not save a stain that was left to sink into carpet fibers while you were sleeping or at work.

Bugs Like To Snack On Your Carpets
If you like to keep your windows open or have an older house, your carpets may attract bugs and other crawling creatures. These bugs aren’t just unwelcome guests – they may eat away at your carpet. Dead bugs may leave a bad smell around the house, so be sure to vacuum and steam clean regularly.

Stains Cause Long-Term Wear and Tear
Neglecting your carpet won’t just make it a snack for the bugs. Deep-set stains can unravel your carpet and expose the carpet’s backing, leaving an eyesore for guests and residents. If stains are not treated immediately and thoroughly, your carpet can quickly lose many years of life.

Cleaning Your Carpet is Good for Your Health

If bacteria and other germs get caught in your carpets, they can spread to family members and guests. Allergens, including mold, can irritate others. Dust and mold can also trigger asthma attacks. Families with young children should be especially cautious, as babies and toddlers come into contact with the carpet more than adults. A deep clean will eliminate allergens and bacteria that a vacuum misses.

How Often Should You Vacuum and Steam Clean Your Carpet?
You will see the best results if you commit to vacuuming your carpets at least once or twice a week. Areas with more foot traffic or homes with pets should consider more frequent vacuuming. Homeowners should also vacuum their carpet before each steam cleaning in order to pick up as much loose dirt and debris as possible. Carpets should be steam cleaned at least

once a year. While steam cleaners are available for homeowners, it is best to let a professional take over once a year to steam clean your carpet. Steam cleaning requires special solution that is applied to the carpet before steaming it; by the time you purchase a steam cleaner, learn how to use it, and buy extra solution for your space, you will have been better off handing the job to someone else. Trusting your carpet maintenance with a professional is an investment, just like your carpet itself. Leave the big jobs to the pros and enjoy a fresh carpet free of dirt, bugs, and stains.

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