Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

If you don’t have the preference or budget for genuine hardwood or tile but you want the look, consider laminate flooring. A laminate floor closely resembles hardwood or tile thanks to modern advances in manufacturing technology that can be used to produce almost exact replicas of wood grain and tile contours.

Choosing laminate flooring opens up design options that simply wouldn’t be feasible with traditional hardwood or tiling. This includes distressed looks, gnarled wood features, shade variations, and unique finishes that are remarkably realistic when compared with the ‘real thing’. Textured laminates
offer beveled features that add yet more realism to the graphical presentation of the floor.

With the laminate flooring material selections available from Denver Carpet Brokers, you can have the natural look you want without having to pay for it!

“What a difference laminate flooring made for our kitchen…wow!! We wanted to keep with the theme of the hardwood surfaces we had elsewhere in our home, but we had to keep the price as low as possible. Denver Carpet Brokers made it happen with ease. Thanks!”

– John P. in Thornton

Another key feature of laminate flooring is its durability. Thanks to an added layer of resin coating, laminate flooring is much more resistant to common flooring stressors, like:






What’s more, the laminate flooring available from Denver Carpet Brokers is sustainably produced with environmentally friendly materials. So, not only will you be getting a great looking floor at a low price; you’ll also be doing your part to preserve our environment.

I've now used Denver Carpet Brokers to provide carpet on three separate occasions for my homes. Bob is always a pleasure to work with and he's great at educating you as a consumer on what would be best and most efficient for your needs. We have a dog so he his recommendations for stain resistant products are always appreciated and the pricing from Denver Carpet Brokers can't be beat. The installation is always done very well and prompt. Thanks you Bob and team!

Great Service, Prices and Product!

Bob has come out to our home two times now which we really appreciate. The first time we were only looking at carpet but decided we wanted to get info to get a wood or laminate floor in the remainder of the home. We are super excited to move forward with our new floors. Bob is very personable and really gives a lot of time to provide information. My one and only complaint would be that I have not received my quote in writing as of yet.

Excited about New Floors!

I got a great deal on my carpet. Bob Hanson has helped me with both of my houses. The price was great & the service was timely. I would recommend Denver Carpet Brokers to anyone who wants quality flooring at a terrific price.

Great Service & Product

Bob measured our house for carpet and was as professional and knowledgeable as it gets. He educated us on padding and carpet...not over-selling, just giving us the facts so we could make the right decision for our home.

Meet To Measure for Proposal

Buddy, was knowledgeable in all aspects of the carpet samples we looked at. We were able to choose a carpet within budget for our basement project with ease.

Great Experience