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Denver Carpet Brokers’ Carpet Calculator

Part of the in-home design consultation offered by Denver Carpet Brokers involves taking precision measurements of your living space so we can determine exactly how much flooring material will be needed for your project. Without this information, we can’t provide an accurate quote. However, if you’re handy with a ruler, tape measure, or yardstick, you can arrive at a rough estimate of your floor space before your Denver Carpet Brokers design technician visits your home to take the needed measurements. Then, you can use the square foot or square yard estimate and pair it up with your budget to see where you stand.


To perform an area calculation, you’ll need two measurements: length and width. Take these measurements using the same standard – imperial or metric. Keep in mind that a yard equals three feet. After you have your length and width measurements, enter them into the calculator and the square yards and feet will be calculated. It’s that easy!


Most flooring projects end up needing slightly more flooring material than what is initially calculated. This is because most flooring needs to be seamed with ideal sections, and sometimes patterns need to be repeated. So, it’s a good idea to buy extra carpeting, which is why the carpet calculator rounds up to the nearest whole number.

Without having an adequate idea of the area of a floor, it’s near impossible to know how much flooring material will be required. And, if the material quantities are unknown, the cost will be unknown, too. We can still quote you a price on a per-square- yard or per-square- foot basis, but until you know the precise dimensions of your living space, there’s no real way of knowing how much your new carpeting is going to cost.

Arriving at a rough estimate for square footage or yardage is a great first step in having your new carpeting installed. Remember that precision measurements conducted by a Denver Carpet Brokers design technician are a requirement before a formal quote can be issued. If you’re ready to schedule your free in-home design consultation, contact us at (303) 940-0777. And remember, we install hardwood flooring, vinyl plank and laminates, too!

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