Choose the Carpeting Style Right for You

When you think about carpeting, you may not think about the manufacturing process involved in its creation. Did you know that to create carpet, a backing material is ‘sewn’ with thousands upon thousands of yarn loops? These loops are then either cut – resulting in “cut pile” or “plush” carpeting – or uncut – a style simply known as “loop” carpeting.

Loop Styles

When the yarn loops of a carpet are left uncut, their heights can either be uniform or varied. A carpet with varying yarn loop heights is referred to as a ‘patterned loop carpet’. Patterned loop carpeting provides a complex visual texture that is appealing for areas where flooring patterns aren’t a distraction, like hallways, dens and common areas.

If the heights of yarn loops are kept uniform, the result is a Level Loop carpet, also known as a Berber style carpet. Berber style carpeting is ideal for high-traffic areas, as the texture is smoother, denser and doesn’t mat as easily.


Cut Pile Styles

Cut pile carpeting is generally referred to as plush or saxony carpeting. A third type of cut pile carpeting is known as ‘Frieze’, which refers to twisted cut yarn loops. Frieze carpeting has a less formal look and has more utility than other carpeting types while still maintaining an attractive look and feel.

Choosing cut pile carpeting is a good idea when you’re not trying to make a statement with your carpeting choice. If your goal is to have a functional, no-nonsense carpet that stands up to daily use and abuse, cut pile might be the best choice for you.

If you can’t quite decide between the options listed here, remember that an in-home design consultation with a Denver Carpet Brokers design professional will help you sort through samples in person, giving you a better idea of what materials are available.



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