There’s more to carpeting than just picking a sample and crossing your fingers, hoping you’ve made the right choice. There are multiple factors involved in choosing the best carpet, cushioning, tacking material (if needed) and installation plan. For example: households that have children, pets, or a high amount of foot traffic are better suited for Stainmaster carpets that fend off unsightly stains that inferior carpets would start to show after just a few short weeks.

“The team at Denver Carpet Brokers really took the time to learn about our lifestyle before recommending Stainmaster carpeting for our living room. We decided on a beautiful, tan-colored, twist-style carpet that has held up to daily abuse amazingly well. Thank you so much, Dever Carpet Brokers!”

– Meredith L. in Castle Rock, CO


Another important factor to consider when choosing a carpet is the cushioning or padding. Choosing the right cushioning is critical for two reasons: firstly, it gives your carpet a softer feel when walking on it; and secondly, it helps to maintain an even appearance that stays as close as possible to the way it looked the day it was installed. Some carpet cushioning material even offers anti-microbial or anti-odor features! Carpet cushioning or padding is recommended for virtually all carpets, but to provide the best cushioning for your unique situation, we will present you with multiple options to choose from.

Want to know how much carpeting your space needs? Use our free Carpet Calculator tool to find out! Just enter the length and width of your area and the calculator will tell you how much carpet is needed for full coverage. Carpeting is typically sold in square yards or square feet, and the calculator will round up to the nearest whole number.

Want more variety? We’ve got it! We work directly with some of the biggest names in carpeting, including:

Mohawk – Shaw – Beaulieu of America – Stainmaster – Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber – Tuftex – Queen Carpets – Philadelphia Carpet – Dixie Home Carpets

With our expertise in choosing and installing the best carpeting in the industry, you can feel confident that your new flooring will not only look great for years to come; it will cost less and be easier to maintain, too.